sCRiPTz-TEAM speaks about nulled & self-made scripts

sCRiPTz-TEAM released up to 20.000 nulled scripts. We spoke with the founder about piracy, their pay ftp site and how's the scene looking like in 10 years.

During the past years the sCRiPTz-TEAM has nulled (cracked) up to 60.000 commercial scripts & plugins. A lot more interesting, however, are their own web projects, in which they open new areas to the public. Those include easy-to-use encrypted chat rooms, access to the usenet or bittorrent transfers without the risk of receiving a dissuasion.

A short time ago we spoke to one of the project’s founders and most active members. We came across the sCRiPTz-TEAM at the German forum, where they offer subscriptions for their ftp server, which was transferred to a regular website everybody can use. Of course it’s not free to leech the warez there. We wanted to know: Is it ethical to sell warez?

Is Copying wrong? Sometimes it’s better not to think about ethics. Picture by Copy-me, thx!

Instruducing sCRiPTz-TEAM First of all: Please introduce yourself with some basic data.

sCRiPTz-TEAM: So what’s about me? Eh, I am 27 years old, and about my job, it’s simple. It’s all about it, you know servers stuff etc. and yep I am married, my hobbys are learning others around the world the stuff they do not know like php/(x)html/css/js/*nix stuff, helping other people creating sites etc… Explanation: A nulled script is an illegal version of a script. Its protection has been removed by a person or release group in order to redistribute it illegally. Some of them had to be modified very much. It’s the vital point if they still work properly after all.

What’s your motivation for nulling so many commercial scripts during all those years?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: I always loved PHP, so I wanted to learn PHP. The way for me to learn it was by nulling scripts, since when nulling we had to go line by line in scripts, so I learned what functions calling to what, callbacks, etc. You have created a website where you sell warez. How high are your costs for this project?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: About, the main idea is NOT about selling warez, it is about „selling/donating“ access to the stuff, without the payment we are not able to give users access to our online ftp (also those payments/donation keep it running) as every single download count of bandwidth which is not so cheap as it really seems.

Sometimes it’s better not to think about ethics.

scriptz-team Do you think it’s ethical to sell other peoples intellectual property?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: Sometimes it’s better stop thinking about ethical aspects :-) Is it? Never had fears to be busted? How do you protect yourself?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: Those who fear never win ;) Anyway we do not store any of the xftp files on our servers, they are stored on secret place, we do learn and code some special stuff, plus only user who requested download can download file(s) as the IP must match… Your service is more expensive compared to the leading sharehosters. Why should people use it anyway?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: Yes, maybe xftp is expensive, but I do not think on sharehosters are all those files, especially not in languages we have access to.

The scene is about competition and skilled people all round the world.

nulled How would you describe the scene nowadays. Is it all about the money? Or what’s your personal insight?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: The scene was never meant about the MONEY, the pay2leech ftp(s) are those ;) The scene is about competition and skilled people all around the world. You have a lot other projects running. Do you want to present us some other extraordinary project?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: The current project is, a special file sharing site, more projects to come soon …

SCRiPTz-TEAM: We love the usenet! How come you’re working  with the usenet so much? Do you have a special relationship?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: My love for the usenet, yes. Once there was a friend of mine who told me about that, I just tried that, and i just can not imagine how it all works, so started study, and till today I can call myself USENET GURU.

P.S.: Running free usenet server with 1100 days of retention here –, this will change in future and we become more globally usenet provider, just the matter of time ;-)

Warez 2 go. Foto: Ben Ostrowky, thx! sCRiPTz-TEAM
Warez 2 go. Foto: Ben Ostrowky, thx! (CC BY 2.o) looking quite interesting as I haven’t seen any free service to upoad to usenet before. But why is the usenet group constantly changing?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: That’s why up.usntx was created, to compete with usenet, and to try code something that does not exist. it uploading to different groups due to bug, but I loved this bug so I kept it this way :D Could you explain us how works? How are the texts encrypted?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: Cryptochat is not just normal chat, it’s a crypted chat with no logs, the chat is crypted via user browser so servers does not see the communication, also in chat room can be only two persons at the same time. People can download stuff via p2p by using without receiving a dissuasion – how is it possible that this is free? And how does it work?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: was the first experiment of us in p2p protocol, then its followed by (p2p dht realtime log), in torx the only way to dl the file is by user IP, so if the user wants to share torx links with other users, it won’t work as the user IP changed.

Rules make the scene running clean. What do you think: How will the scene look in five or ten years?

sCRiPTz-TEAM: The scene in 5-10 years? It’s hard to tell since there are automatic packaging tools, automatic release creators, nfo creators, automatic upload tools, traders, so everything is automatic.

I think it will be only stronger and better, with more content, as if you see the whole scene release nowadays a lot of in just single day, there are also rules, but that’s what makes SCENE keeps running & clean :)

usenet warez Thanks a lot for this interesting interview. You can watch their (incomplete) release list and an overview which projects they are currently running here.

In case you’re a programmer, they have uploaded their own scripts to Github.

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