jurassic pack, jp
jurassic pack, jp

Jurassic Pack #16 – The Legacy (Editorial)

Welcome to the 16th edition of Jurassic Pack - The lost (and found!) Diskmag for AGA Amiga computers. The editorial by Selectanovel.

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preamble for the online-issue: The online version of Jurassic Pack #16 has been layouted by Ghandy.

Jurassic Pack issue 16 – The Legacy
Publication: August 2006

Welcome to the 16th edition of Jurassic Pack – The lost (and found!) Diskmag for AGA Amiga computers.

When number 15 was issued in late March, some people had the opinion that the magazine was rushed and not what they wanted to get. I then wrote Ghandy a mail, giving some proposals about how the concept could be changed. As his real-life is getting too busy to continue working that much on a diskmag, he just answered: „What if you simply ran JP as mained?“ And as you can see, I agreed.

Ghandy is still an important member of the chief editorial staff, and I would like to thank him in the name of the community for all those issues of JP that came to daylight under his responsibility for the company and its employees…erm, yeah.

Ghandy teaching Novel

In this new issue we start with a deep analysis of this year’s Breakpoint, and give our „rumble“ opinions. Partyreports about Maximum Overdose and Codex Alpe Adria plus an exclusive interview with Alex Scholz aka Monroe of SCEEN Magazine will charm our dear readers. And there is more.

The concept of this Jurassic Pack is differing a bit from last issue, mostly because I’m searching for new ways of bringing Amiga-Users and Amiga – Demosceners closer together. Therefore we implemented the section Amiga Extreme. There you will find a long interview with Celal, a living legend for his outstanding game cover paintings.

In addition, aPex, operator of a1k.org has exclusively written down „The New Phoenix Story“ – how a funny idea of resurrecting some old Amiga hardware turned into a huge community project. This article is also available in German language. We also included a new music section in this issue of Jurassic Pack. After all, Moods Plateau is still mainly an Amiga music group! Learn how to plan an Amigaremix and read about the brandnew Hively Tracker by Xeron/IRIS. And furthermore, Elapse/MdS from now on bring you the freshest information about netlables in JP’s very own Netlabel-Corner.


‚Nuff said – we are happy about the fact that we could prove that it was possible to finish the mag not too late after our announced publishing date, Evoke 2006. And I hope that you will all enjoy reading this small but, as I think, sweet and unique issue.

Have a nice read!

Yours Selectanovel (MainEd),
Schenefeld, 17.8.2006

Lars Sobiraj


Lars Sobiraj fing im Jahr 2000 an, als Quereinsteiger für verschiedene Computerzeitschriften tätig zu sein. 2006 kamen neben gulli.com noch zahlreiche andere Online-Magazine dazu. Er ist der Gründer von Tarnkappe.info. Außerdem brachte Ghandy, wie er sich in der Szene nennt, seit 2014 an verschiedenen Hochschulen und Fortbildungseinrichtungen den Teilnehmern bei, wie das Internet funktioniert.