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trip to breakpoint
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No trip to Breakpoint

There will be no Trip to Breakpoint - The Game for Amiga players. At least not before a PC version is done. I'm sorry.

No trip to Breakpoint
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This is an ambiguous newspost. Ambiguous because it is either a great thing for me and a bad thing for the Amiga community. Well, *if the Amiga community would actually care*! How can something that is so great for me be bad (if somebody would care) for the Amiga scene? Well, probably the Amiga scene doesn’t even care (didn’t I just say?), but let me just explain.

Will Trip to Breakpoint come true?

Trip to Breakpoint Screenshot
with Adolf Hitler stewing in the pot.

You might remember my long article in JP#14 about Trip to Breakpoint – The Game. Many people liked the project, but they had big douts about my mind putting so much effort in the creation of a game that only a handful of people would ever be able to actually play on the real machine (i.e. Amiga mit graphicscard like P96). In fact, even I completely developed the game using WinUAE.

So people offered me some help here and there from time to time. But it never developed to a point where I would have said: Yes, we are having a team now with the goal to release something. So it remained a one-man project. And you might know what happens to one-man projects that nobody really cares of: They vanish.

The options

Trip to Breakpoint never vanished completely and I definitely intend to release it some day. But the direction of the game has changed drastically. This is especially due to one reason: In the scene I consider myself a musician – but I couldn’t do any (decent!) music for one year now. Why? Because any time I sit down starting a tracker I have to ask myself about the game and why I’m not working on that. There are three possibilities to solve this problem.

1. Format dh0: and forget everything
2. Find someone to finish the game (and than goto number 1)
3. Finish the game myself.

I felt such a relief when I decided to cancel the programm on the Amiga. The INGA-Engine by Timo Kloss, well designed and technically brilliant, still lacked certain possibilities. A circumstance that made it hard and uncomfortable to use. And when even Timo stopped the developement of INGA and his own INGA-Based Adventuregame „Ermentrud“ I saw no more reason not to change over to the dark PC-side using „Point and Click Development Kit“ available under

I’m not going to tell you anything about this adventure maker, as this is an Amiga-Mag and you can easily check the editor out under the mentioned url. This is more personally important to me. With being finally realistically able to finish „Trip to Breakpoint – The Game“ some day, I can look forward to getting back to what I really want to master. I.e. a decent Amiga diskmag and some music where I can feel that I have developed. Maybe you still don’t care, but hey, so don’t I.

Trip to Breakpoint – the game website (offline but archived)

INGA Adventure Engine homepage, which is offline but crawled by the wayback machine.

At Revision 2014 the PC version of Trip to Breakpoint has been released by Moods Plateau!

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