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The current issues of the Amiga demoscene diskmag „Jurassic Pack“. In Deutsch: Die aktuellen Ausgaben des Amiga Demoszene Diskmags „Jurassic Pack“.

WLAN, wifi

Wifi with A1200

Wifi with an A1200? Ever wondered how to go online wirelessly with your Amiga? If so, this Step by Step-Tutorial might be of use for you.

hively tracker

Hively Tracker

A new AHX-based tracker is in the pipe. It's called "Hively Tracker" and is coded by XERON/IRIS. We have asked him some questions.


Netlabel Corner

The netlabel corner. Hearing music is like silence - it is inspiration, supports creativity and sometimes it's just harrying.

jp#14, feedback

We have collected the feedback for issue 14 of Jurassic Pack. We've got some e-mails & looked around in the internet for a few more reviews.


Darkus of Deviance asks if we're all addicted because we're active in the scene since such a long time. And many of them without a break.