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The current issues of the Amiga demoscene diskmag „Jurassic Pack“. In Deutsch: Die aktuellen Ausgaben des Amiga Demoszene Diskmags „Jurassic Pack“.

Commodore Amiga

Compatible demo-coding

kas1e talks in his article about demo coding being compatible to classical and modern Amiga models. He asks us to unite the Amiga scene.


Soldering iron on board

After the introduction of 68060 boards, the Amiga world was integrating ppc cpu's to our machines. But the implementation isn't easy.


Amiga Booting

Kas1e explains in this issue of Jurassic Pack what happens in detail when an Amiga computer executes its startup sequence.

jp15, whiskey

Last Sip Of Whiskey

The real end word. Browallia and I drank coffee and whiskey and tried one night & day to beat EC. But they were quicker. So we lost the game.

bridgeclaw, jurassic pack

A day to remember

Another end word. After Browallia learnt that Eurocharts was out, we spent a night to remember in order to be quicker than Darkhawk & Co.