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The current issues of the Amiga demoscene diskmag „Jurassic Pack“. In Deutsch: Die aktuellen Ausgaben des Amiga Demoszene Diskmags „Jurassic Pack“.

Magic, Jurassic Pack

Magic wants to be fucking famous

Magic wants to be fucking famous. A new fictitious short story by Sane about a diskmag writer's ambitions, whose name rhymes with "epipelagic". Coincidence?

obSceneities, jurassic pack

obSceneities – a section!

Editorial of obSceneities. It's been a while. Many grown-ups were children and no children (of today) were born when this section last had ...

Jurassic Pack

The last Dinosaur

In January 2021 the scene was hit by a huge surprise. After more than 12 years of silence Jurassic Pack issue 18 was released.

Streamvision Party Report

We know exactly where you spent your Easter holiday 2020. We try to sum up what happened when everybody else was searching for chocolate.

cybercrime corona

Demoparties in times of Corona

Demoparties in times of Corona have a huge problem. If they're not held online, they were mostly forbidden in 2020. So what to do now?