Artikel zum Thema Veranstaltung

In der Kategorie Veranstaltung geht es um Berichte von Demonstrationen, Messen, Kongressen aber auch von weniger kommerziellen Veranstaltungen, wie Demoparties.

Streamvision Party Report

We know exactly where you spent your Easter holiday 2020. We try to sum up what happened when everybody else was searching for chocolate.

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Demoparties in times of Corona

Demoparties in times of Corona have a huge problem. If they're not held online, they were mostly forbidden in 2020. So what to do now?


Breakpoint 2007 party report

Late Monday evening. We are sitting in our hotel room talking about the last four days of Breakpoint partying. Here's our party report.


Trip to Evoke 2006

How long does it take to get from Hamburg to Cologne? Four hours? I have attended Evoke often but I never managed to arrive early enough.