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English – our translations of german interviews and articles. Forgive us if the translation is not perfect. We try our best, but English is not our mother language.

Vigil Coma

Making of „Vigil Coma“

This is a making of Vigil Coma, a wilddemo, means no coder stuff is in here, but I think it's intresting for scene groups though.


Interview with Monroe/SCEEN

Selecta Novel talked with Monroe/SCEEN about the future of the most wanted SCEEN#2, the relevance of diskmags and target groups!

amiga, remix

Remix Workshop for Amiga users

Selectanovel with a tutorial how to remix classical tunes from the c64 and Amiga. Choose your weapon: Remake, Rearrangement & Remix !

hively tracker

Hively Tracker

A new AHX-based tracker is in the pipe. It's called "Hively Tracker" and is coded by XERON/IRIS. We have asked him some questions.

workbench, jp#19

Mission fast release

Erik aka Browallia explains how the mission fast release took place. You can trust me, it was really an interesting but short night for us!

jp#14, feedback

JP#14 – Feedback!

We have collected the feedback for issue 14 of Jurassic Pack. We've got some e-mails & looked around in the internet for a few more reviews. NewsTicker

Rumble in the miggy jungle - the newsticker. Our thanks go to Dipswitch of Up Rough for his informations.


Are we Addicted?

Darkus of Deviance asks if we're all addicted because we're active in the scene since such a long time. And many of them without a break.

jp15, release

Regional Scene Meetings

Regional Scene Meetings are a good tradition to keep in touch and to motivate each others. d!RT!E, Dalezy and Weasel explain how to do it.

jurassic pack, wondering jurassican, jp#14

JP#14 Review

Browallia wrote a long review of Jurassic Pack 14. So what did he like or dislike in JP#14? So here is his summary.

jurassic pack, editorial

Dedication to writers

No doubt, writers are dedicated. But for how long? How many issues of Eurochart, Saxonia, Jurassic Pack & Co. will come out in the future?