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Rumble in the miggy jungle - the diskmag.de newsticker. Our thanks go to Dipswitch of Up Rough for his informations.

Short, but important – the current diskmag.de newsticker.

ExoticA moved

We from diskmag.de have been informed by BuZz himself that his webproject ExoticA has been moved to http://www.exotica.org.uk

Please update your bookmarx, web links etc. :-)

No Copy!

A new book from Evrimsson of Nuance. At the 6th of April Evrimsson/Nuance & Jan Krömer will present their brand new german book „NO COPY“ in Cologne. It’s dealing with all sort of software, ebook, mp3 & movie piracy and its history. Also aspects like filesharing, the flash fxp scene, hacker ethics and many interviews with Cap’n Crunch, a siteop etc. are provided.

Get more infos at their german w3 at http://no-copy.org

German Bust

In fact the person whos taking part in the c64/Amiga/PC/consoles Scene since the longest time of us all, Irata of TRSI, has been busted by the german police. There were rumours that other people have also been catched because the police found their ips after busting an ftp site. Dirk (aka Irata) – we wish you all the best!!

Secret Project

The Oldskooler Alien of Antitrax (remember his interview in jp#14) is currently working on a secret web project of which we may not speak more about. After visiting an early version I must say that it looks damn promising.

Spring 2006:Rush of Mags (hopefully)

A lot of mags will come out after Breakpoint. Cows`n Snakefights is half finished, Saxonia is in the making with new graphics and code. And last but not least the Worldcharts wait to be resurrected.

If Deviance manages to finish a version for Windows, there will be also a miggy version from Scoopex. But theres no exact timetable been set. Details will be discussed at Breakpoint for sure. Well keep you informed.

To Zine or Not 2 Zine! Brainstorm is back in town!

The creators of the wellknown diskmag Zine are back in biz. You can reach their brand new website at http://brainstorm.untergrund.net

Some original members, like the german Axel and some new ones, like Mice (member of Zenon), the poles Stefkos, Jazzcat (Appendix), the norwegian Mystra (ex-Stone Arts) and many more teamed up. Sadly they do not intend to realise any productions on Amiga but on PC.

Sadly they also didn’t open any pipeline for Zine. Not yet, maybe some more people should complain until they’ll do ;-)


News from diskmag.de – Up Rough NewsFeed!

StingRay of Scoopex & Scarab joined as coder. Unfortunatly, after another bustwave in Germany due to security reasons, their bbs „THE YARD“, driven by Zaner, is currently offline. (not busted!)

They`re trying to find a motivated webcoder for giving their website a fresh outlook.

Small Sunrise 4 the ASCII Scene!

The german Ascii group Arid Weed has released two Ascii collection in an extreme short period of time. Get your copy of „Zombie – Autopilot“ from Trash or „Knaeckebrot“ by various members at http://aridweed.untergrund.net

At http://asciiscene.org you can download the 50th (!!!) collection from Darkus/Aerosol/Deviance called „as the dust settles“.

He`s been absend from the ASCII biz for quite a long time! Welcome back, bro!

Sunset for BBS Scene!?

Does the curtain finally fall? The following telnet boards returned to dust: Last Legend (Netherlands), The Hustlers Hell (Russia), Master & Servant (Germany), Raincloud (Sweden). CDS is back after some months after having a huge hd-crash.

Only a few illegal telnet boards remain and the activity of their users is more than poor, with the exception of the consoles conferences at some boards.

Great Britains` once noted demo related bbs „Digital Candy“ is about to reopen their doors for you. Until its sysop Hybrid has installed everything – you could dial utl.scarab.tv for a ride on the Uphold The Law bbs instead. Here’s a tutorial how to do it.

more news from diskmag.de – fixed version of Versus out!

The Versus team has brought out a fixed version of Versus#3! In case youd like to see an issue 4 somewhen, go and drop your vote at www.nukleus.se – or let it be and dont be surprised if they don`t continue it. For the lazy ones: In the bonus directory of JP#15 you can find a votesheet!!

From Russia In Love: New diskmag in the pipeline

For owners of modern Amigas, people with a warp3d compartible graphics card or those who are using an emulator, there will be soon a new diskmag out there. Those using a plain AGA machine won`t be able to watch it which already caused some serious discussions.

We had the opportunity to have a look at the first screenshots and yes, the design looks pretty modern and promising! Release date for issue 1 is shortly after BP06! Coder and probably the maineditor will be the russian Scener Kas1e, who`s currently independant.

Maximum Overdose 2006 – German RetroFuckers gather once again!

Down, down somewhere in the northern part of Germoney where normally nobody gets astrayed, in Lübeck to be precisely, from the 12th to the 14th May the Maximum Overdose oldskool party will take place!

Bring your ultro old vintage system with you and meet the Jurassic Pack team for sure! No hyper-modern machine with giga herz processor and elitish gfx card alike pc wanted!
Get more infos at http://mo.c64.org – you sexy retrofucker, lets have a beer together. I’ve celebrated my 40th birthday just one day before so there should be enough reasons to destroy a beer or two! ;-)

diskmag.de – news from Iris

The italian editor Kaosmaster decided to leave them again.

Believe it or not!! The new issue of EC is out!

DiHalt welcomes Amiga/PC & Spectrum demosceners!

After changing some compo rules the organizers of the former CAFE partyseries will let DiHalt take place from the 29th until 30th of April!

Get your english (!!!) travelling & all other interesting infos (plus forum) at: http://www.dihalt.org.ru/index_eng.html

All news except thos from Dipswith taken from the website diskmag.de.

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