coders corner
coders corner

Introduction to the Coders Corner

Hi everybody! So, it seems like I am taking over the CODERS CORNER in Jurassic Pack. kas1e will explain you what it is all about.

Well, it is pleasant to have time for working on Amiga as coder (still a lame coder) and as an article writer.

If you think that I will have to write tons of stuff and have plenty of spare time, you are wrong. I have a wife and a seven years old girl, also tons of work for earning money and other problems. But as you can see, it`s still possible to do some stuff due to all problems. So, all who said ’sorry, I am working today‘ go to hell and stop talk bullshit.

The coders corner – a tribute to Jurassic Pack

So, here is my tribute to Jurassic Pack and I am going to write some code oriented articles, which I hope will be interesting to someone. Of course, my stuff can mosly be considered as ’new age‘, because I`m only a system-friendly coder. So, no aga/ecs stuff from me.

You can blame me, but I do not know how it is possible to use AGA without ruining my eyes. But, if possible, I don`t want to use very old chips, because I want some experience which will bring me somewhere else ;)

jurassic pack

Anyway, of course I hope very much that there`s still someone who wants to create tons of stuff/articles with AGA/CGX support. Like Ephidrena or MaWi :)

In other words, if you`re ACTIVE it is good. Stop loosing your time in order to solve shitty problems and just create something new. It is your life, and this is not as long as you can think.

And maybe one sweet day you wake up, and talk to yourself: „My god, I was working 30 years only in order for the fucking money/for fucking pigs/FOR WHAT ?“ But then time is gone, and you are an OLD MAN with SHITTY `N FAT CRAP IN YOUR MIND :) So today, why not start to do some stuff again? :)

Of course we all suffer from problems. We all only have one life. The day only consists of 24 hours, we have family that we have to take care for, or other duties, etc. etc. We work, we fuck, we just use this old Amiga hardware. But: We are no assholes.


Ok, jokes modus off again. Here is the CODERS CORNER.


Lars Sobiraj


Lars Sobiraj fing im Jahr 2000 an, als Quereinsteiger für verschiedene Computerzeitschriften tätig zu sein. 2006 kamen neben noch zahlreiche andere Online-Magazine dazu. Er ist der Gründer von Außerdem brachte Ghandy, wie er sich in der Szene nennt, seit 2014 an verschiedenen Hochschulen und Fortbildungseinrichtungen den Teilnehmern bei, wie das Internet funktioniert.