Ocean’s eleven – a Tulou meeting with H20 circumference

We (from Nukleus) were invited to Tulou meeting and this totally inspired us all. Nukleus hiking with Tulou in the forest.

Now, nobody care anymore if you have been an organizer of a group, but if you ever did,
mr Musli (of Tulou), has some true skills.

Cefa and Smaugur from Nukleus flanked me as a legal trio for this nature experience. Not all could do the travel due distance. We picked luggage, and it almost felt like a demoshuttle when sitting on a bumpy bus. When we arrived, we met them all – some of them, havn’t met in 10-15 years, and when it comes to Daredevil/Tlu, haven’t seen him since +20 years.

A quick coffee by arrival

But excitement caused a mix with beer and coffee. Mr Musli greeted us with rubber boots on and Dalton/Tulou took photos with his system camera. Autumn was there and warmth of sun allowed sunglasses.

You know when people know each other the way they communicate. Not only by topics picked (my scroller is bigger than yours), but around the table. Small chats started all around the table right there prior lunch. Sometimes the chat was like around the fire, but then quickly back to random groups. Thats old friendship.

Tulou, Nukleus, group meeting
Nukleus & Tulou group meeting. Photo credit: Dalton.

A lunch with Tulou

After lunch, Mr Muesli (lets just say Muesli from now on), Muesli encourage us all to competition. With only three from Nukleus there and overweight of people from Tulou, he already had a plan with individual pentathlon. Nailing in the wood, frisbee golf in the forest, shooting on beer cans amoung them.

But before we started, I had to give a warm hug to a half-relative, Altruist/Tlu. Havn’t seen him for a while too and it was a bit nostalgic here to talk about the car we shared to drive down to Mekka Symposium etc. Ok, we started off, and it was clear that Tulou were experienced in these compos. We had wild life around us, but almost like a tourguide, Todi/Tulou hijacked the protocol and set up a laptop around the bushes to distribute fair points after compo skills.

Some lunch and hotdogs and memorial chats with Dr Strangelove and Dalton, while Smaugur pumped out demo modules out of his loudspeaker drinking redbull for a long awake night. Suddenly we sat there, and I reflected that we hadn’t aged at all. A nice thought, together. and yet, we talked memories, we talked achievements and success (conquests?), dips and turns in Life, we talked data (we are data!) and we talked family and the generation growing up, and then…


…we didn’t talk at all. We were just present.

Then we talked about to clean up and it was time for walking out in the forrest and pick mushrooms.

Sweden is a place becoming dark, but september is a month where the dull blanket still slowly creep over you. But fully covered you still feel the summer beneath that sky. So this was indeed a splendid time to get ready for a swim. There is a tradition, and not sure where it started (by Traktor? Tulou?) but the swimsuit is somehow always packed when visiting certain parties. Some claim real party is outside, others declare real party is under the surface of the ocean.

The highlite compo was grand finale Frisbee golf. A few people including myself ended up in the water but the clear water on a shallow rocky seabed made it not too difficult to retrieve. Other elements during the Frisbee golf was of course cruising zickzack among trees blended with short blueberry vegetation. Sometimes a sheep could be heard from the distance. Around the fireplace, Joker (spassvogel) of Tulou then told some stories and all of us laughed. Well, ok there was no fire, and not everyone laughed, but there were jokes and merry atmosphere around us all so not only credited to Joker, another one I havent seen for decades. But something was burning indeed…

A BBQ with Tulou

The BBQ was lit and not even the mosquitos, interfered another crack of a cold beer. And the demo show that night was chilly, kool, and you just know the sound of an Amiga clicking before it brings you to the start screen. The clicking sound is in your veins. How do you go through the demo history over decades?

What do you choose to look at when there is an ocean of choices from intros, demos, 4k’s, cracktros and wild demos? Dont think there is any answer to that question. But there were many scrollers and I had arranged a small compo for the other 10 sceners there, and while explaining the rules, Muesli opend the Kille(r)pitsch Schnaps from Düsseldorf C=

The rules were: arrange yourself in 3 teams, and build as long as possible lace (taste of raspberry). Then create your own scroller. Time for this was 3 minutes and some creative pulses took off.

We all had sleeping bags and spread out. Nature calls. I woke up kind of early and went away mushroom picking. I think Cefa and Muesli joined me. To breakfast we made omelette a la chanterelle. Ok, time to summarize, Todi, Dr Strangelove, Alturist, Muesli, Joker, Dalton, Daredevil, Cefa, Smaugur and Browallia. Someone may enlight the editors of JP, that title is called Ocean’s eleven, not 10 young sceners in their best years. Well, where there is Amiga, there is always a cow around. 10 plus one makes the title with the ocean surrounding us.

Before signing off, how did it go in the competition? I truellly sucked and ended up last while Muesli won.

If we ever get invited again to your forest party Tulou, I will read this article loud around that fire. Thank you all.

Lars Sobiraj


Lars Sobiraj fing im Jahr 2000 an, als Quereinsteiger für verschiedene Computerzeitschriften tätig zu sein. 2006 kamen neben gulli.com noch zahlreiche andere Online-Magazine dazu. Er ist der Gründer von Tarnkappe.info. Außerdem brachte Ghandy, wie er sich in der Szene nennt, seit 2014 an verschiedenen Hochschulen und Fortbildungseinrichtungen den Teilnehmern bei, wie das Internet funktioniert.