Reply: Ghandy & polish diskmags

After reading the article from Binger & Kam_ about polish diskmags in the latest EC, we spontaneously decided to write a reply to them.

After reading the article from Binger & Kam_ in the latest Eurochart (about polish diskmags), we spontaneously decided to write a reply to them. The chief editor of JP has already confessed his truth about Poles in the article entitled „Ghandy’s misconception about poles“ in JP#11. So let’s start with some quotes out of Bingers article.

„The second message is, that you (Ghandy) don’t have to be angry anymore, because the diskmag idea has also fallen in Poland.“ First of all, not only in your country. Also here in Germany or Scandinavia it’s damn hard to find anybody that wants to support the idea of doing a diskmag.

A polish diskmag is only for polish readers?

Well, in Autumn 2005 the diskmag ‚Seven days‚ was released. So a first thought into our minds was that the polish diskmag scene is vivid. Why should else the „Seven days“ diskmag be out? My comment did cause a heavy discussion at Pouet. And later on Binger and Kam_ reacted on it in Eurocharts (EC).

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If I (Browallia) would speak to Ghandy, I think he is just like me more frustrated. Why? Because the polish sceners don’t want to share their knowledge. I can put this in another way if you want. I’m curious about the PPC/Amiga One/Pegasos scene since not that much is written about it. How could we possibly learn more from you in Poland if you are not understanding our hungry eyes?

„Ghandy, we are not making mags in English because practically no one is writing articles in that language here and it is very hard to find people willing to translate texts from polish to English.“

Why don’t you ask more people to help you with english translations? I’m sure that Ghandy just as myself are more than helpful and will do the best for translating or at least proof reading & correcting. Take our helping hand instead of complaining about the lack of english lessons in polish schools.

Just accept that we would like to help you as much as we are able to do. Perhaps we fail, but perhaps you should try to be more friendly and give it a try first?

As for the other way around:

If you want some Cows`n Snakefights and Jurassic Pack articles, we will send them to you so some polish friends of yours can translate them. No worries than anymore that polish people could feel outside „the english clique“.

A last delirium: We are one scene and we are living together. We offer our help if you want it (?)

Best regards and all the best for the future,

Browallia and Ghandy

P.S.: Seven Days#1 by Lazy Minds (see screenshot above) was sadly the first and last issue ever.

Lars Sobiraj


Lars Sobiraj fing im Jahr 2000 an, als Quereinsteiger für verschiedene Computerzeitschriften tätig zu sein. 2006 kamen neben noch zahlreiche andere Online-Magazine dazu. Er ist der Gründer von Außerdem brachte Ghandy, wie er sich in der Szene nennt, seit 2014 an verschiedenen Hochschulen und Fortbildungseinrichtungen den Teilnehmern bei, wie das Internet funktioniert.