Telegram-Gründer Pavel Durov warnt vor WhatsApp

Kommentare zu folgendem Beitrag: Pavel Durov: Telegram-Gründer warnt vor WhatsApp

" So stellte der Vorsitzende der RACIB fest, dass jeder Messenger, auch Telegram, Zugriff auf die Daten seiner Nutzer erhält…"

Nich ganz , beim TOX ist nicht der Fall. Leider kommt das Project TOX sehr langsam voran, die Idee ist aber schon sehr gut.

Was bringt das beste Projekt? wenn der Staat etwas wissen will, dann holt er sich das Recht. Ist doch eigentlich ganz easy. Alles was Anonym im Netz ist bleibt nicht lange Anonym, dafür sorgen die Machthaber schon. Wer Anonym sein will sollte in eine Höhle ziehen und mit Gold handeln :slight_smile:

Auf Durovs Telegram Channel kam gerade:

For the past several years, we’ve been fighting ( the spread of terrorist content on Telegram. We’ve been doing it in a way that is consistent with our values and Privacy Policy ( While some pundits quite irresponsibly suggested that absolute privacy and counter-terrorism efforts are mutually exclusive, the success of our regular anti-terror actions prove that this is not the case.

Yesterday Europol recognized our continuous efforts in their statement (

“Telegram is no place for violence, criminal activity and abusers. The company has put forth considerable effort to root out the abusers of the platform by both bolstering its technical capacity in countering malicious content and establishing close partnerships with international organisations such as Europol.

Thanks to this collaboration, the already-existing content referral tools available to Telegram’s users have been strengthened and expanded. Now, any user is able to refer and classify the content they find inappropriate and violent via the referral feature in public groups and channels. In addition, new technical developments, such as the advanced automated content detection system, continue to strengthen Telegram’s effort in obliterating extremism on the platform even further.”

This follows another Europol report ( dedicated to the Referral Action Day, in which several tech companies including Telegram took part:

“Whilst Google and Instagram deployed resilience mechanisms across their services, Telegram was the online service provider receiving most of the referral requests during this Action Day. As a result, a significant portion of key actors within the IS network on Telegram was pushed away from the platform.

In the past year and a half, Telegram has also put forth considerable effort to root out the abusers of the platform by both bolstering its technical capacity in countering malicious content and by establishing a close partnership with Europol.”

As I have made clear before, ISIS and their likes will have hard time on Telegram if they continue to spread their message of violence and hatred. After the ISIS attacks in Europe ( we have zero tolerance for their propaganda on our platform. At the same time, we’ll continue to defend the absolute right for privacy of our users like no other service, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice privacy for security. You can – and should – enjoy both.