Poloniex-Kryptobörse bietet Hackern 5 % der geklauten Summe fürs Zurückbringen

Kommentare zu folgendem Beitrag: Poloniex-Kryptobörse bietet Hackern 5 % der geklauten Summe fürs Zurückbringen


Hier einmal ein Ausschnitt eines Schreibens des „CfA - Senat Banking“ aus den USA zum Betreiber von Poloniex, Justin Sun.
Dieser entzieht sich und seine Projekte sämtlichen Behörden (u.a. USA, EU etc.), und das schon seit längerer Zeit!

…Recently published studies and reports of law enforcement operations indicate a prominent US- based cryptocurrency company backed by major Wall Street investment houses may be directly or indirectly compromised by its integration with an Asia-based network of trading platforms and cryptocurrencies that has been named in multiple international law enforcement actions involving billions of dollars in transactions by alleged organized crime groups and sanctioned entities. The Asian network, revolving around the blockchain system TRON, is headed by Chinese national Justin Sun,2 who was recently charged – along with a number of celebrities – with market manipulation and civil fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission3 and is reported to be under criminal investigation in the United States.
Much of the recent alleged Honorable Sherrod Brown Honorable Elizabeth Warren November 9, 2023 Page 2 of 7 terrorist funding through digital assets was conducted through wallets on Sun’s TRON network, which consists of digital currencies and a digital ledger (or blockchain).5 The TRON Foundation, along with other entities allegedly controlled by Sun, has a historical and ongoing relationship with Circle Internet Financial LLC, which issues a dollar-equivalent digital currency known as USDC. Circle issues its USDC on numerous platforms around the world including the TRON blockchain and almost $400 million of its USDC “stablecoins” are in the TRON ecosystem.6 In July of 2023, the National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing of Israel issued an asset seizure order targeting the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad that identified 26 TRON wallets consisting of over $93 million in three cryptocurrencies, Circle’s USDC (issued on TRON), TRON’s own TRX currency, and another controversial digital dollar coin, Tether.7 In addition, according to the digital currency forensics firm ChainArgos, “Multiple large flow addresses that have redeemed $USDC for USD (presumably through Circle’s bank accounts) have also received funds from wallets Israeli intelligence flagged as belonging to Hamas or Hezbollah.”…etc. pp.

Quelle: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/24142841-cfa-senate-banking-11-9-23

Bei diesen Hintergründen zu Mr. Sun, kämen wohl auch noch ganz andere Akteure in Betracht, die bei Poloniex zu Gange waren :interrobang: