Nebulo - DNS over HTTPS/TLS: Our Interview with the Developer

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Daniel Wolf: The detour via the VPN API is necessary, there is no other way to intercept the DNS requests - and this has to be done in order to be able to forward them encrypted. The disadvantage is of course that no other, normal VPN can be used. However, I would say that not too many users use a VPN.

That’s exactly the answer I’ve been waiting for! I haven’t read such nonsense in a long time before!

There ONLY the disadvantages of connecting to a VPN service provider (e.g. PureVPN etc. pp.) will be discussed!
A real VPN connection for example at work, if you have to connect to the company network via mobile phone, tablet etc. via the Internet, for example via the firewall of the company to access the required data / programs, does not seem to occur in his train of thought!
But the fact that it is common practice for every professional nowadays who somehow works in the field (no matter which branch) to have to use this tunneled connection simply falls by the wayside with his statement!
Sorry, but for someone who can’t even look beyond his own nose…who doesn’t even seem to know what the real definition of a VPN network looks like, except for the illegal download…who should I then trustingly „buy“ this app from and happily install it on the Smarty?!?
Thank you, but rather no thank you…!