Hook Malware lässt Hacker Dein Android-Smartphone steuern

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Hook Full command list

Command (in bold if introduced in Hook) Description
push Shows a push notification (clicking on the notification will result in launching specified app)
startAuthenticator2 Launches the Google Authenticator application
startAdmin Triggers request for admin privileges
startApp Starts the specified application
getInstallApps Gets the list of applications installed on the device
getContacts Gets the contact names and phone numbers from the address book of the infected device
deleteApplication Triggers the removal of the specified application
forwardCall Enables call forwarding to the specified number
sendSms Sends a text message with specified text from the infected device to the specified phone number
SendSMSALL Sends text messages with specified text from the infected device to all contacts of the infected device
startInject Triggers the overlay attack against the specified application
startUssd Executes the specified USSD code
openUrl Opens the specified URL in the WebView
getSMS Gets all text messages from the infected device
killMe Triggers the kill switch for the bot
updateModule Updates the payload module
updateInjectAndListApps Triggers update of the target list
clearCash/clearCashe Triggers opening specified application details
getAccounts/logAccounts Triggers stealing a list of the accounts on the device
bitcoincom com.bitcoin.mwallet - Bitcoin Wallet
trust com.wallet.crypto.trustapp - Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet
mycelium com.mycelium.wallet - Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
piuk piuk.blockchain.android - Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum
samourai com.samourai.wallet - Samourai Wallet
toshi org.toshi - Coinbase Wallet: Crypto Wallet & DApp Browser
metamask io.metamask - MetaMask: Buy, Send and Swap Crypto
start_vnc/stop_vnc Start/stop RAT
getlocation Obtains geolocation
addwaitview/removewaitview Adds/removes a view used to cover malicious operations
addview/removeview Adds/removes a view
getimages Obtains list of all images
downloadimage Downloads an image
makecall Makes a call
calling Makes a call
addcontact Adds a contact
fmmanager Operates as file manager
swipeup/swipedown/swipeleft/swiperight/swipe Perform a specific swipe gesture
takescreenshot Takes a screenshot
clickatcontaintext Simulates click at specific text item
onkeyevent Simulates a key press (HOME/BACK/RECENTS/LOCK/POWERDIALOG)
unlock Unlocks device
scrollup/scrolldown Scrolls up/down
longpress Simulates a long press event
clickat Simulates click at a specific coordinate
cuttext Set clipboard value to a a UI element with specific coordinates value
clickattext Simulates click at a UI element with specific text value
settext Sets a UI element value to a specific text
safepal io.safepal.wallet - SafePal: Crypto wallet BTC NFTs

Hook Crypto-Wallet targets

Package Name App Name
com.bitcoin.mwallet Bitcoin Wallet
com.wallet.crypto.trustapp Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet
com.mycelium.wallet Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
piuk.blockchain.android Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum
com.samourai.wallet Samourai Wallet
org.toshi Coinbase Wallet — Crypto Wallet & DApp Browser
io.safepal.wallet SafePal - Crypto wallet BTC NFTs
io.metamask MetaMask - Buy, Send and Swap Crypto

!! Betroffene deutsche Banking-Apps !!

com.targo_prod.bad TARGOBANK Mobile Banking
de.sdvrz.ihb.mobile.secureapp.sparda.produktion SpardaSecureApp
de.traktorpool tractorpool
de.comdirect.android comdirect mobile App
de.fiducia.smartphone.android.banking.vr VR Banking Classic
com.starfinanz.smob.android.sfinanzstatus Sparkasse Ihre mobile Filiale
de.dkb.portalapp DKB-Banking
de.postbank.finanzassistent Postbank Finanzassistent
de.santander.presentation Santander Banking
de.consorsbank Consorsbank
de.number26.android N26 — The Mobile Bank
de.mobile.android.app mobile.de – Germany‘s largest car market
de.commerzbanking.mobil Commerzbank Banking - The app at your side
com.db.mm.norisbank norisbank App
de.ingdiba.bankingapp ING Banking to go
eu.unicreditgroup.hvbapptan HVB Mobile Banking
de.comdirect.app comdirect
de.sdvrz.ihb.mobile.app SpardaApp
com.db.pwcc.dbmobile Deutsche Bank Mobile
de.adesso_mobile.secureapp.netbank SecureApp netbank