Helix-CEO bekennt sich der Geldwäsche von 300 Millionen Dollar in BTC schuldig

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Jemand hat sich mal die Gerichtsdokumente via Pacer angeschaut, und „Harmon’s major fuckups“ auf Darknetlive so zusammengefasst ;>)

-"Accessing Grams/Helix via Tor browser on SAME computer on which he browsed the clearnet and on which he used his real life identity. Didn’t bother to segregate his darknet activities from his clearnet activities.

-Using Google Glass to take a POV picture that includes his laptop screen where you can see the Grams and Tor, and having this picture obviously end up in his Google Drive cloud account.

-Keeping a fucking excel sheet in Google Drive with his exact crypto holdings valued over $50 million.

-Adding this crypto holdings to his Mint.com account to track his over $50 million of dirty crypto.

-Having a fucking backup of Helix site source code, list of his bitcoin addresses and the emails along with his PRIVATE PGP KEY backed up on Apple Time Machine backup that naturally get seized by the Feds.

-Having a mobile app on his phone with his exact crypto holdings.

-Using HitBTC account in his real name and sending Bitcoin cash from his Helix earnings earnings to his HitBTC account.

-Increasing his expenses despite no main source of income for the past 5 years (besides liquidating bitcoin for Fiat).

-Keeping multiple crypto hardware wallets in his office - wallets that contained his dirty Helix crypto.

-Deciding to stay in fucking USA despite making over $50 million illegally."

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da kenn ich leute die sind vorsichtiger beim leechen… :sweat_smile: