Effective Tools for Online Privacy and Security


I’m interested in enhancing my online privacy and security measures and need some suggestions for effective tools and practices.

I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding

  1. Which VPN providers do you recommend for ensuring anonymity and secure browsing?
  2. Are there any browser extensions or add-ons that you find particularly useful for protecting privacy and blocking tracking?
  3. What are the best options for encrypted messaging apps that prioritize privacy and security?
  4. Can you suggest any email services that offer strong privacy protections and encryption features?

If you have any other tips for maintaining online privacy and security, please share them.

Thank you in advance !

Thank you

Perfect Privacy, Mullwad and Hide.me are recommend VPN Services by the Community.
Hide.me has also Browser Addons against WebRTC leaking and SOCK Proxy for privacy with P2P Clients like BitTorrent.
I prefer the Brave Browser, it’s based on Chrome Engine, without the Google Telemetry and blocks Trackers.
Scene Members uses Proton Mail for secure Email Communication.

For secure communication via Messenger, i recommend matrix.org as the mainframe.
As the actual client for the chat, „Element“ is a very good choice!
Matrix defines a set of open APIs for decentralised communication, suitable for securely publishing, persisting and subscribing to data over a global open federation of servers with no single point of control. Uses include Instant Messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP) signalling, Internet of Things (IoT) communication, and bridging together existing communication silos - providing the basis of a new open real-time communication ecosystem.

The functionality that Matrix provides includes:

  • Creation and management of fully distributed chat rooms with no single points of control or failure
  • Eventually-consistent cryptographically secure synchronisation of room state across a global open network of federated servers and services
  • Sending and receiving extensible messages in a room with (optional) end-to-end encryption
  • Extensible user management (inviting, joining, leaving, kicking, banning) mediated by a power-level based user privilege system.
  • Extensible room state management (room naming, aliasing, topics, bans)
  • Extensible user profile management (avatars, display names, etc)
  • Managing user accounts (registration, login, logout)
  • Use of 3rd Party IDs (3PIDs) such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook accounts to authenticate, identify and discover users on Matrix.
  • Trusted federation of identity servers for:
    1. Publishing user public keys for PKI
    2. Mapping of 3PIDs to Matrix IDs

The end goal of Matrix is to be a ubiquitous messaging layer for synchronising arbitrary data between sets of people, devices and services - be that for instant messages, VoIP call setups, or any other objects that need to be reliably and persistently pushed from A to B in an interoperable and federated manner.

This is a German forum. To get in touch with more users, it would make sense to write your posts in German.
A good online translator would be for example: https://www.deepl.com/translator

Thanks all for your suggestions ! Very helpful .

Are you trying to protect yourself from gov surveillance or do you just want to download some movies?

It is in fact highly debatable if a VPN can hide your browsing habits from your ISP. If you want to hide browsing activity from your ISP than you need Tor or I2P.
Take a look at the whonix documentation for a more insight look on this topic.


uBlock Origin is very useful. You should limit WebRTC too if not needed.

Session does not require a phone number or other verification process.

Email itself is never encrypted. You have to encrypt your Text yourself with PGP. I would not recommend to share sensitiv information over mail without PGP. But its even hard to find a mail provider where you can register with a VPN or Tor IP. You can try „tuta“ or „onion mail“ but you should avoid mail if possible.

Take a look at the documentation for the whonix distro.


You can adapt these tips for using whonix to your normal PC using habits. Especially „Modern Privacy and Security Threats“ and „Essential Security Guide“ are very helpful.

In the long run I would not trust a VPN provider and I would definitely not route all my PC traffic through the VPN.