Deezloader Remix wird eingestellt

Kommentare zu folgendem Beitrag: Deezloader Remix - Musik-Downloader für Deezer wird eingestellt

Update: Gestern am späten Abend kam ein neues Update vom Entwickler:

Now it is a DMCA takedown



Es geht wohl doch weiter - hoffentlich. Ein neues Update bei Telegram:

I’m thinking about this

Trying to make the new app from scratch didn’t work well, we reached the conclusion that building on top of another project is the best idea.

Also, this Deezloader update could not be the last one, I just need more people to mantain the code.

Right now there is a big file containing most of the code (about 1850 lines of code)
Debugging it and adding new features can be quite a challenge.

I’m adding some comments to make it easier to read but it would be better to split the file to submodules that can be called by the program
If someone is interested in helping me keep Deezloader alive, please contact me on the group


Ok so, for now I will try and finish the last update to Deezloader (Maybe I’ll also make other updates in the future). After that I will try to work out how Athame works and build an app on top of that, possibly using GTK, so Linux users can also use it.

Konkret heißt das: Der DeezLoader bekommt noch ein letztes Update von ihm. Ab Version 4.2.0 ist von seiner Seite dann wohl doch wohl Feierabend.