VPNLab.net - illegaler VPN-Anbieter nach 14 Jahren stillgelegt

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Was ist denn ein „illegaler“ VPN-Anbieter? Gibt es auch „legale“ VPN-Anbieter? Gibt es ein „Gesetz“ gegen bestimmte VPN-Anbieter, so dass diese unisono „illegal“ sind?


Das musst Du Europol fragen. Zumindest war es wohl ein Dienst, der primär von Kriminellen benutzt wurde. 60 USD im Jahr finde ich trotzdem vergleichsweise wenig.

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Die Frage habe ich mir beim Lesen des Artikels auch gestellt. Gehört habe ich von dem VPN-Anbieter noch nie.

…Ein Dienstanbieter, den kaum jemand kennt, ist in der Branche mal eher das „non-plus-ultra“, als ein Manko ^^
Was mich etwas stutzig macht, sind die 130 aktiven Zertifikate für RDP-Sitzungen, die der Dienst aktuell genutzt hatte? ABer alles orig. Zertis aus dem Hause Microsoft :joy:

Can I use Socks/Proxy?

Yes, you can use it either in front of OpenVPN or behind it. If you want to set proxy in front of connection, right click on the tray icon, and then click Proxy Settings. If you want to set proxy behind the connection, use your browser settings or socksificator, for instance freecap

What is DoubleVPN?

DoubleVPN is a technology that allows to stream your traffic through two VPN servers, creating the chain of VPNs. This way you can increase the safety of information about the source of requests. Users find working with DoubleVPN technology clear and understandable.

How can I start working with your service?

All you need to do is to register, fill your balance, set up a pricing plan, generate a certificate, download the software client and unpack the received certificate and configuration files into its folder. To get more details, click ********

Do you keep logs?

The main thing why we are different from our price segment competitors is that we don’t keep logs. We value our reputation and the quality of our service.

VPNLab is a service providing your security on the Internet by encryption of original traffic. Our service is designed for a broad spectrum of clients: webmasters, SEO-optimizers, traders, businessmen and people, who care about their personal security. We set a special encrypted channel between your computer and our foreign servers. The channel is installed based on OpenVPN technology and encrypted using 2048 bit key and thanks to sophisticated algorithms all the information is unreadable for your provider. Average users don’t see the necessity of the described procedure and may even find it useless, however the latest featured legal proceedings involving people who were just expressing their opinions in their own web-diaries show the seriousness of Internet security issue.

The creation of VPNLab is based on 5 main concepts:

VPN keys

  • Reliability. The reliability of encryption by open 2048 bit key algorithms is unquestionable and was repeatedly confirmed during the ten years of this technology’s existence. Our servers are located in proven foreign datacenters, the DoubleVPN technology will allow you to set a chain of two servers. VPNLab’s main goal is to provide anonymous and secure connection.
  • Convenience. Our service allows to start working in five minutes after the registration. All you need to do is to register, pay and start working. You’ll receive all the configuration files after the payment.
    Additional features:
  • monthly (clear for users) change of outgoing IP addresses
  • ports forwarding by request
  • possibility to set a dedicated IP address
  • existence of reserved servers, which can be used in case of work interruptions
  • possibility to switch to other servers in minutes
  • Independency. Our service is fully independent from technical support. In your account you will find a user-friendly service control panel that will allow you to work with all its components, including individual pricing plans.
  • Flexibility. Our service can be accessed from any computer with any type of Internet connection. All you need is a VPN client. You will be surprised with the affordability of our services.
  • Personal responsibility. Our primary task was to create this service for ourselves and we use it in our everyday work. During the time of our work we have developed a reputation and gained large experience implemented in our project. We hope, you enjoy our services.

Ich frage mich was die andern VPN-Anbieter alles sind? Bin nach wie vor der Meinung, dass die Razia von den grossen VPN-Anbietern gesteuert wurde. Nord oder wie sonst noch alle heissen.

Wenn du dann auch noch erklären könntest, wie die anderen Provider das hinbekommen haben sollten :interrobang:

Laut Europol waren sie wohl ein „OpenVPN-Anbieter im Darknet“, „der seine Dienste im kriminellen Untergrund anbot und verschiedene Cybercrime-Gruppen, darunter auch Ransomware-Gangs bediente.“
Wie Ghandy schon schrieb wurde er laut Europol zudem wohl „vorrangig von kriminelle Gruppen genutzt“.